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  1. Intro: The woods with Harvest Home directly beyond

  2. Track leading to the store off Chuck Hatch Lane

  3. Dave & Jahnine’s ambulance

  4. Dave

  5. Jahnine holding chicken

  6. Shop counter

  7. Store cupboard goods

  8. Dave’s office with his Mother’s desk

  9. Crystal display

  10. Array of squash & other local vegetables, with Dave’s cottage through the window

  11. Chillies for sale - a speciality at Harvest Home

  12. Shop door / Community notice board

  13. Chilli greenhouse

  14. Wind chimes & Tree of Life

  15. Garden with lemon tree & caravan in which Dave's daughter used to live

  16. Sandra, Harvest Home worker, by the potting shed

  17. Steph, Harvest Home sign writer

  18. Mike, regular customer & local historian

  19. The Wheelbarrow Graveyard - every wheelbarrow that Dave has ever owned since he arrived

  20. Outro: Ashdown Forest, looking north onto Harvest Home

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